Suzanne Vincent: Psychic Medium 
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Caylee Anthony Murder Psychic Sisters
Suzanne Vincent and Jean Mckenzie Vincent were brought onto the
Caylee Marie Anthony case by Luke P, the intermediary Luke told us he was working with Law enforcement officals.(We had a bad vibe about him), But we helped anyway and through this intermediary, Luke , we were able to provide Dominic Casey (a private investigator hired by Cindy and George Anthony) with accurate visions as to the final resting place of Caylee Marie Anthony.  Caylee was found as our impressions showed her to us: in an abandoned, weed-strewn lot near a school, with a chain link fence in a black plastic trash bag a fourth of a mile from her Orlando, Florida home.  Because of our accuracy with the Caylee Marie Anthony case,  Dominic Casey asked Jean and I to profile suspects in the abduction and murder of Caylee Marie Anthony and to locate and profile the Disappearance of Haleigh Cummings from Satsuma,Florida. We did psychic reading with family members Crystal Sheffield, Marie Griffs and law enforcement officer Peggy Cole. 

Suzanne Vincent and Jean Vincent were contacted by Christine Sheddy's aunt Karen, who requested a reading for Lynn Dodenhoff, Christine Sheddy's mother, January 2008 . Christine Sheddy went missing from Pocomoke City, Maryland under suspicious circumstances in November 2007.  Lynn was so intrigued by the precise and accurate details that came through during her psychic reading that she had us give our psychic impressions to her numerous times and she put us in contact with the detectives working on the Christine Sheddy case.  Throughout the following twenty-seven months we have provided invaluable clues to the whereabouts to Christine's final resting place and any potential suspects.  We have been working with the Worcester County Maryland Bureau of Investigation , Flatlands search and rescue and have led them to items of great importance in Christine Sheddy's disappearance on the property and surrounding areas which have since been sent off to the Maryland crime lab. Jean and I are waiting for the DNA results. Luke P. was brought onto this case August 2008. We're still actively working on this case. Christine Sheddy's murdered body was found Feburary 2010 in Snow Hill,Maryland  

Christine Sheddy's disappearance has earned national attention from America's Most Wanted. 

To read more about Christine Sheddy's case on America's Most Wanted please visit this website.

Suzanne and Jean Vincent were brought on to the Haleigh Cummings case on February 2009. By Luke  and Haleigh's cousin Joy, and Dominic Casey P.I. Jean and I gave pivotal details during our psychic reading to Marie Griffis, Crystal Sheffield and Putum County law enforcement.We are currently assisting Private  Investigator Dominic Casey on this case. 

Documentary about Christine Sheddy and Psychic Sisters Suzanne and Jean Vincent on Investigation Discovery Channel's "Six degrees of Murder" "Sensing Secrets '
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