Suzanne Vincent: Psychic Medium 
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I am Suzanne Kelley Vincent, I am a psychic medium and ghost hunter. I have used my abilities as a lecturer, teacher, author and intuitive for most of my life.  I have helped law enforcement officials by assisting with missing persons cases and murder cases.  I offer accuracy of information for law enforcement officials to work with, such as profiling the perpetrator and describing the crime scene. I am also able to give psychic impressions of missing persons, leading to pinpointing of locations. I have assisted on many cases in several counties and states and even internationally. I have volunteered my time to law enforcment agencys and missing persons for over 25 years. I am well respected in the law  enforcement community.

From government officials, teachers, doctors and even celebrities I have been committed in helping individuals to transform the quality of their lives. I can confirm the existence of loved ones in spirit and I offer guidance in a person's life's path. I can pass on detailed information to them from their loved ones that can help them understand that their loved ones are safe on the other side. Communicating with family and friends from the other side to offer peace and comfort to those seeking it. I can also receive information from the other side to assist those seeking help with problems in their lives;  health, relationships and business/career issues can be dealt with through spirit.

I have appeared in numerous newspaper articles, television news, and radio in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently a documentary is in the making that will highlight several of my cases. One of my cases is being made into a movie for television. I am currently working on my book on how to connect with spirit. A second book is on the board to discuss my missing persons cases and other situations where I have used spirit to assist in helping those in need. I am  getting back to my other passion, Ghosthunting,  and I  am currently involved with making a documentary on haunted places in pittsburgh area.

Psychic Sisters Jean Vincent and Suzanne Vincent appearing on Night Talk Channel 11 talking about their Psychic Criminal Investigations and current Missing persons and Psychic Profiling cases
 Playboy Bunnie Cathy St. George, Psychic Jean Vincent, Don Mervis, and Psychic Medium Suzanne Vincent at the Stone Mansion Ghost hunt.  Look above my head to see blue spirit orb hovering.
 Larry Thomas "Soup Nazi"and Psychic Suzanne Vincent. Look at Larry right shoulder to see a Spirit orb face peering at us
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